Kamp Kenan Virtual Field Trips are fun, economical, and convenient learning experiences. No permission slips, no bus rides, and no chaperones. All you need is a webcam and your class can visit Kenan’s refuge for hundreds of reptiles and take part in active investigations with Iguanas, Turtles, Tortoises, Alligators, and large Pythons and many other species living at Kamp Kenan.


Using Google Hangouts or Skype in the classroom, teachers and school representatives can easily link up with Kenan Harkin Live from the Kamp Kenan Studio for a fully interactive session (45-50 min.) in their classroom or school assembly.


Every virtual journey to Kamp Kenan is appropriately tailored to the grade level taking the trip. We know that heightening student awareness of reptiles is no small task, especially for kids who have never interacted with them before, but that’s exactly what Kamp Kenan was built for. Kenan has spent a lifetime entertaining and working with children as an action sports star and television announcer. He knows how to relate to the students and they naturally gravitate toward him. Our virtual classes are pure fun from beginning to end.


We have one mission here at Kamp Kenan; inspire thousands of children and young adults to invest themselves in animal science and conservation, and we are doing just that each and every week. Check out the Kamp Kenan YouTube channel and the comments left by fans to see for yourself.


Kenan Harkin and his reptile conservatory, Kamp Kenan in southern Florida, is the real deal. Kenan’s expertise and passion for reptiles of all kinds really shows in his presentations. Who better to teach about reptiles than someone who has immersed their life into the world of these amazing creatures? As an educator, I am truly excited that Kamp Kenan has ventured into the world of virtual learning. Through modern video conferencing technology, students around the world can experience Kamp Kenan’s turtles, tortoises and various exotic creatures without ever learning the classroom. With educational initiatives like Next Generation Science Standards and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education), students are challenged to be ‘engaged and interactive’ during their educational experiences. With Kenan’s interactive virtual learning field trips, our students are engaged right from the start and asking for more at the end! The experience is high energy with a level of interest that captures the student’s attention and sparks their curiosity. This isn’t some virtual learning experience where the facilitator drones on in a monotone voice and shows some pictures to the students. This is a lively, exciting and highly interactive experience that I encourage every educator to participate in. I can’t wait to see what Kenan comes up with next!


Erin Schiavone,

Virtual Learning Coordinator

Greater Southern Tier BOCES, Elmira, New York


I have been teaching the 3rd grade for over 15 years and have been on a number of different field trips that are fun and educational but leaving the classroom/school environment comes with many distractions. Our recent experience with Kamp Kenan's Virtual Field trip was simply amazing. The students sat in front of the Promethean board in our very own classroom and were able to experience things they would have never seen here in Connecticut. Kenan was able to show us animals (up close and personal) and share all kinds of interesting facts about each of them. Seeing these beautiful animals and learning how they act, eat, sleep, live - was simply fascinating. He brought each animal right up to the camera so the students could observe tiny details we normally would not have seen. Looking at the skin of a snake, seeing how the eyes work and checking out the tongue were just a few of the "cool" things the students walked away talking about for days. Not only does Kenan have a way with the animals, but the children love him as well. He was funny, knowledgeable and kept everybody on the edge of their seat and completely engaged the entire time. We were able to ask him questions (they loved how he could see them) and he had all the answers! They class recalled many of the facts Kenan shared simply because of the way he engaged them. It wasn't a traditional field trip, but a trip that I would love to share with my students year after year.


Courtney Jean Rafferty

Northeast Elementary School

Stamford, CT